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Richard Allen Jones is a Florida native who came to the Nashville area by the way of Jackson, Mississippi and Memphis,Tn, where he was a singer/songwriter artist on Ace Records,the famed rock-n-roll label of the 1950's. Richard Allen used his Southern rhythm and blues roots on his gospel LP "Back In The Fold" in the 80's. For the 90's he has turned to a time we have all been influenced by, combining Traditional Cowboy and Western music with his "South of the Border, Gulf Coast rhythms.The new C.D., "Cool Water " reflects Cowboy Life in the 1880's, a period he now lives and performs through cowboy shows, rodeos, and re-enactments. Richard Allen now resides and creates his music in the "true cowboy fashion" with his family, north of Nashville Tennessee. He and "The El Magnifico Cowboy Band" are currently available for concerts.

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