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At Keep It Simple Web Design, we follow a simple five-step plan in order to create the most successful and profitable web site for our customers.

Consultation: When you call Keep It Simple, I will promptly set up a no cost consultation session that fits your busy schedule. During the meeting I will work with your business to determine your individual internet needs. I call this time "my getting to know my client" and it allows me to understand the unique needs and style of your business so I can make a web site that best compliments it. Then I'll discuss the various features that I can provide to enhance your web site, and then together we'll decide which ones are right for you. I 'll show you different ways to successfully bring your business onto the internet. I will also give you a clear, accurate estimate of what your web site will cost. After I know what features you want on your web site, I will go begin the design process, and your web site will be carefully laid out and post the first page so that you can see what it is that you are getting.

Development: Once the layout of the web site has been determined and all the creative elements are combined, I will develop your site, using the latest programming tools. When your web site is completed, it is uploaded onto the World Wide Web. Your site will be registered and given its own domain name. Any additional forms or applications if needed, are integrated into your web site, allowing your customers to order products or services from your business as well as to provide feedback. Once all of this is completed your web site is ready to be visited by hundreds of people on the World Wide Web every day. At Keep It Simple, we put a huge emphasis on advertising. After all, what is the point of a web site if people can't find it? Keep It Simple will add your domain name to all the major internet search engines, including Alta Vista, Lycos, Bing, Yahoo and Google as a one time service. We will also include a link to your web site on our own portfolio page.

Maintenance: A web site is only as good as the amount of effort spent to maintain and support it. At Keep It Simple. my relationship with my clients is constantly ongoing. As your business and its needs change, I can update your web site to fit those new needs. I will make sure that your site remains up to date and creative, and will alert you to any changes that might be needed to ensure your company's success on the internet. I can provide any basic maintenance services that your site needs, for a small flat-fee. This includes adding images, text changes, updating links etc.

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